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Mobile Towers

The Cowboy Tower makes an excellent microcell platform, for clusters of customers who cannot get service from a traditional tower setup due to distance or vegetation.

Fast Easy Setup

Two people can install this Cowboy Tower in about four to six hours. This includes getting the tower put up, dishes and backhaul radios installed and the site fully operational on a battery pack.

Cost Efficient

A typical cell tower deployment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and takes months. Our Cowboy Tower can be put up in a day and cost well under $10,000.

Cowboy WISP Towers

A Cowboy Tower is a heavy duty, semi-portable tower system for use in places where there is no existing infrastructure. The idea is that we can take this unit out, deploy it in a short period of time and be able to leave it at a location indefinitely. It also is stable enough to hold a 30’ tower with multiple backhaul dishes and access point antennas and simple enough that a two-man crew could put it up without any special tools or equipment needed.

 The Cowboy Tower is extremely low maintenance and very sturdy. Our operational history indicates that we should only have to replace batteries once every 3-4 years. The ability to drop a fully functional tower into place in a matter of days is a powerful weapon for a WISP to have.

Important uses for this type of tower setup include temporary installations for special events and emergency network deployments in disaster areas.

One of the biggest advantages of the fixed wireless/wisp model is flexibility and speed of deployment.   The WISP Tower is a tool that will enhance both of these features and open up many new possibilities for WISPs.


Why are WISP's Valuable?

Low-cost economic model that doesn't require government subsidies or grants to succeed.

Typical build cost of $300/customer vs $3000+/customer fiber.

Rapid build out - no grants, permitting or spectrum licensing required.

Can sustainably service low-density rural areas.

Low hurdle of entry means entrepreneurial providers pushing competition and service.